Far and Wide Our Knowledge Flows

Far and Wide Our Knowledge Flows

The University believes in the power of the knowledge we create to make a difference in enhancing quality of life.  We want our knowledge to reach as many people as possible, and in turn, we listen to them and find out what we can do more through our research and discoveries to address the many complex issues facing our society and the world.  

Community Service

The advice and expertise of our academics are highly sought after not only by professional bodies, but also by public and other organizations. Our faculty members have, through the years, had a remarkable influence on policy changes and advancement of their professions and the society.

Information on our academic staff members' participation in community service can be searched on the HKU Scholars Hub.

Media Contact 

Media professionals also recognise HKU's research excellence and commitment in knowledge exchange, so they very often turn to our faculty members for expert advice. Members of the media can look up contact information of the University's staff members by Faculty or area of specialization from the Media Contact Directory or on the HKU Scholars Hub.

Knowledge Access

Our Faculties strive to make knowledge accessible to all through various channels.  Take the rich resources available at our Knowledge Links and the following websites: