Highlights 2010


Extending the Power of Education through Knowledge Exchange

The Faculty of Education has a long tradition of contributing research findings and scholarship to the community. Over the years, the Faculty has been embarking on knowledge exchange activities with local and overseas policy makers, government bureau representatives, school principals, school teachers, speech and hearing specialists and information management professionals, parents, and other members of the public.

At the heart of Social Sciences

In Molière's play Le Bourgeois gentilhomme, one of the biggest laughs comes when Monsieur Jourdain exclaims to his philosophy tutor, "Well, what do you know about that! These forty years now, I've been speaking in prose without knowing it! How grateful am I to you for teaching me that!" So it is with knowledge exchange – something the Faculty of Social Sciences has been doing these past 40 years without knowing it. Now that KE has been acknowledged and classified by UGC, however, the Faculty is delighted to move forward with yet more vigour.

Free Legal Advice on HKU Campus

Our Faculty of Law has introduced, on a pilot basis, a Free Legal Advice Scheme on campus under the Duty Lawyer Service. It is both an educational and a public service scheme, with a view to contributing to the legal community's effort in bridging the legal services gap in Hong Kong and to nurturing the pro bono culture among our future lawyers.

Madagascar's Menagerie Floated from Africa: One of the Greatest Unresolved Mysteries of Natural History has been Finally Laid to Rest

Madagascar is home to a 'bizarre' repository of creatures, many found nowhere else on Earth. But how they arrived on the island has baffled scientists for centuries. Jason Ali, Associate Professor in HKU's Department of Earth Sciences, tells the story of his research that seems to confirm the theory that the animals rafted there.

HKU and the Servier Research Group Join Hands to Develop a New Line of Pharmaceutical Products in the field of Osteogenesis

The University of Hong Kong has collaborated with the Servier Research Group, the second largest French pharmaceutical company, on the research and development of drugs for osteogenesis.

Review of Animal Welfare Legislation in Hong Kong

Research conducted through our Law Faculty's Centre for Comparative and Public Law found that Hong Kong's anti cruelty legislation lacks the necessary power to assist animals in danger of suffering and abuse.

You Can Write Better English

Published by our Journalism and Media Studies Centre, this is a practical handbook to help improve written English, with special focus on mistakes native Chinese speakers routinely make when writing in the language.

Learn about Childhood Rheumatic Diseases

Many people think rheumatism will only attack the elderly, while in fact it is a common illness found in children. Our Department of Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine has launched a new book of the series entitled ‘Childhood Rheumatic Diseases 3 - The Paediatric Diseases You Must Learn', which explores the very common chronic childhood rheumatic diseases through the experience of three patients and their parents.

A Renewed Positive Perspective on Death through the ENABLE Project: Society Takes a More Active Role in Facing and Preparing for Mortality

Death has long been a taboo topic in the Chinese culture leading to much fear, anxiety and avoidance. Recognizing the imperative need to educate the general public about the fundamentals of death as well as to enhance professional competence in end-of-life care, our Centre on Behavioral Health, with generous funding from The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, had established the ENABLE Project (Empowerment Network for the Adjustment to Bereavement and Loss at the End-of-Life) in 2006 with the aim to promote and enhance local death education and practices.

HKU Successfully Developed Oral Arsenic Trioxide as the First Ever Patented Prescription Drug in Hong Kong: A Success Story of Hong Kong Innovation

A research team at our Department of Medicine and the Queen Marry Hospital has spent a decade developing oral arsenic trioxide from a research project to a prescription medication that has secured a US patent. For the first time, a drug developed entirely in Hong Kong is poised to attain global status as a prescription medication.

Where There Are Asians, There Are Rice Cookers: How "National" Went Global via Hong Kong

As the first book in English to focus on electric rice cooker and the impact it has had on the lives of Asian people, this book provides a fascinating insight into the process by which the National rice cooker was first localized and then globalized.

e-Resource Project for New Secondary School Liberal Studies

The Hong Kong University Press has converted 32 English-language books into digital resources, on subjects ranging from politics and sociology to public health, education and social work. The digital resources are freely accessible to senior secondary school teachers and students in Hong Kong on the Hong Kong Education City website. 

Helping Sichuan Rebuild

Our faculty members in Engineering and a group of students across different disciplines brought their knowledge and expertise to Sichuan to build a solar-powered multimedia satellite e-learning system for the Yuanjia Primary School which was reconstructed after the 5.12 Sichuan Earthquake. 

Senior Management talking about HKU's KE direction

Professor Paul Tam, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research), and Professor John Malpas, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Infrastructure), talked about the University's direction in knowledge exchange development.