Index of Issues

Current Issue

Issue 12 (April 2017)

  • Hot Weather Relief for Labourers
  • HKU at Forefront in Developing New Sources of Lighting
  • The Beauty of the Skin Industry
  • Bringing 'Mindfulness' Back to Its Roots
  • Social Network Tools to Reach People In Need
  • Taking It to the Street

Past Issues

Issue 11 (November 2016)

  • HKU Flu Fighters are First Responders Against Global Pandemics
  • Where Virtual Worlds have Become a Reality
  • Artificial Intelligence at Your Service
  • Cloud of Unknowing: an Exhibition about Modern Asian Architecture
  • Back-up for Surgeons
  • Racing Against Time to Help Special Needs Pre-Schoolers

Issue 10 (April 2016)

  • A Champion of Trees
  • Engineering Plants for a Brighter Future
  • Wearable Technology for Industry
  • Capacity Building in Myanmar
  • A Step Up for Little People
  • Dental Help for the Homeless

Issue 9 (October 2015)

  • 'KE is the Engine Translating Research into Impact'
  • Building from the Bottom Up
  • Inspiring Green Action
  • Dental Project Helps Children Gain an Identity
  • Shining a Spectrum of Light on Autism
  • Taking the Guesswork Out of Logistics
  • Getting a Fair Hearing
  • Prevention is the Best Cure for Diabetes
  • The Rock Stars of HKU
  • Stories of the Gay and Grey

Issue 8 (April 2015)

  • Maximising Our Impact
  • A University at Your Fingertips
  • Domestic Helpers Get an Alternative
  • Start it Up with TSSSU@HKU
    • From Student Club to Start-Up
    • Matters of the Heart

Issue 7 (October 2014)

  • 'Knowledge Exchange is at Our Core'
  • Storeys of Modern History
  • Dental Help for a Neglected Group
  • Language Help for Ethnic Minorities
  • One CLIC to Knowing the Law
  • A Matter of Life and Death
  • Connecting Science and Art
  • A Stay-at-Home Project for the Elderly

Issue 6 (April 2014)

  • Venus in Her Glory at HKU
  • War, Terrorism and Torture: Provoking a Debate
  • The Many Languages of Hong Kong
  • New App for a Healthy Voice
  • Technology with a Social Purpose
  • Screening Tool for Disaster Volunteers
  • Mentoring Matters

Issue 5 (October 2013)

  • The Teamwork Behind a Successful Soloist
  • New Twists for Public Parks
  • The Language of Genetic Counselling
  • Keeping the Blood Flowing
  • Protecting Babies' Teeth
  • Detecting Crime in Cyberspace
  • A Portal on Human Rights
  • On-Line Service Helps Doctors Treat Tough Cases
  • Lifting the Veil on the Starry Sky

Issue 4 (April 2013)

  • A Sexy Snail Tale
  • A Helpline for Refugees
  • The 'Up' Side of Recycling
  • Interaction is the Key Word in iClass
  • The Sunshine Project
  • Saving Baby Teeth
  • The Buddy Programme
  • Finding Hope in Used Soap
  • Learning Right from Wrong in the Business World
  • Education in the Community

Issue 3 (November 2012)

  • A Culture Change - the Vice-Chancellor shares with us his views on KE
  • Bridging Past and Present
  • Before It's Too Late: The Witness to War Project
  • Language as Culture
  • Moving Up the Wage Scale
  • Something to Chew On
  • Out of the Shadows
  • A Breath of Fresh Air
  • Keen on Competition
  • Science Inspiration
  • Opening Access to Information
  • Prevention is the Cure When It Comes to Suicide

Issue 2 (April 2012)

  • 100 Licenses of HKU Inventions and Know-hows
  • Lighting the Way to Discovery
  • The Toxic Tale of Hong Kong's First Patented Drug
  • Track Goods and People on the Move
  • A Creative Way to Share
  • Bridging the Gap between Culture and Preservation
  • Prevention is the Cure When It Comes to Suicide
  • A Mutual Learning Opportunity
  • Promoting Word of Mouth

Issue 1 (September 2011)

  • Portraits of Knowledge Exchange
  • Re-imagining Urban Space
  • Improving People's Thinking Skills
  • An Asian Angle on Business
  • Children Get a Healthy Smile
  • Breathing New Life into an Art Form at Risk: Cantonese Opera
  • A Secure Platform for E-Business
  • Making the Case for Animal Welfare
  • Empowering Patients through Knowledge
  • A Step Up for Struggling Students
  • Catering across the Board