KE Funding Exercise 2011/12

Knowledge Exchange Funding Exercise 2011/12

Recognizing Knowledge Exchange as one of the three missions of higher education, the University Grants Committee (UGC) has committed to provide an annual special allocation for KE to UGC-funded institutions for the 2009-12 and 2012-15 trienniums to enable them to build up their capacity and broaden their endeavour in KE.

With input from the faculty representatives on the KE Working Group, the KE Executive Group awarded most of the UGC's annual special allocation through the KE Funding Exercise. The following three exercises were conducted under the KE Funding Exercise 2011/12:

  • Faculty Capacity Building
  • Impact Projects
  • Student KE Projects

Faculty Capacity Building

The KE funding for Faculty Capacity Building provides support to Faculties to put in place optimal supporting infrastructure in order to enable systematic and sustainable changes within the Faculties on how they relate to the community and businesses. For 2011/12, allocations were made with reference to faculty size and each Faculty was allocated HK$0.4M to HK$0.5M. Each Faculty is expected to use the KE Capacity Building fund allocation and its own matching resources to build up its Faculty KE unit, create or enhance its KE website, and strengthen its partnerships with relevant stakeholders in society.

Impact Projects

The KE funding for Impact Projects aims to facilitate projects that can create impact which, ideally, can be recognized and acknowledged by the non-academic sectors concerned, or even the general public. Proposed projects may be technology-based or non-technology-related. The maximum bid for each Impact Project is HK$100,000. Proposals are considered on a competitive basis, and support may be provided in full or in part.

The award summary of the Impact Projects 2011/12 can be viewed here.

Student KE Projects

The Student KE Project Grant Scheme was introduced this year under the KE Funding Exercise in order to promote a student culture of contributing to society through applying their knowledge gained at HKU; to nurture the spirit of innovation among students; and to promote the development of engagement projects between students of the University and external organizations. The Scheme is open to all currently enrolled full-time students of the University, including undergraduate, research postgraduate and taught postgraduate students. Each team must have a minimum number of three students, including the team leader.

Each project must have a mentor, who may be an academic or academic-related staff member of the University, to supervise the design and implementation of the project. Support and matching contributions, in kind and/or in cash, from a non-academic partner organization outside the University are required. Proposals are considered on a competitive basis, and the award is normally up to HK$20,000.

The award summary of the Student KE Project Grant Scheme 2011/12 can be viewed here.


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