KE Funding Exercise 2012/13

Knowledge Exchange (KE) Funding Exercise 2012/13

The University Grants Committee (UGC) has confirmed that the annual special allocation for KE to UGC-funded institutions will continue for the 2012-15 triennium to enable them to build up their capacity and broaden their endeavour in KE.

With input from the faculty representatives on the KE Working Group, the KE Executive Group awards most of the UGC's annual special allocation through the KE Funding Exercise for Faculty Capacity Building, Impact Projects and Student KE Projects. Allocations for Faculty Capacity Building and Impact Projects for 2012/13 have been made. Proposals for the Student KE Project Grant Scheme 2012/13 are being considered and the exercise will soon be completed.

Faculty Capacity Building

The KE funding for Faculty Capacity Building provides support to Faculties to put in place optimal supporting infrastructure in order to enable systematic and sustainable changes within the Faculties on how they relate to the community and businesses. Each Faculty is expected to use the KE Capacity Building fund allocation and its own matching resources to build up its Faculty KE unit, enhance access to knowledge, and strengthen its partnerships with relevant stakeholders in society.

Impact Projects

The KE funding for Impact Projects aims to support projects that have the potential to create impact on society. Proposed projects may be technology-based or non-technology-related. Proposals are considered on a competitive basis. The list of supported Impact Projects in 2012/13 can be viewed here.