Short welcome note (Issue 6)

Welcome Note

Knowledge Exchange (KE) has been firmly recognized as the third mission of The University of Hong Kong, alongside Teaching and Research. I feel that KE essentially adds a 3D perspective to the research generated by the University. Through KE, we make our knowledge accessible outside the academia; we apply our knowledge to real-life situations; and we connect our knowledge to the world we live in. KE enables the knowledge generated by our researchers to go much further beyond publications and patents.

In this issue I would like to share with you a few interesting stories that show the diversity in the KE work of HKU. These projects aim to benefit different sectors in society, with specific objectives and well defined engagement strategies. The common thread through these stories is the excellent underpinning knowledge of the University and the enthusiasm of our colleagues to make use their knowledge to do something for society.

These are not one-off projects, but on-going efforts of our colleagues who are committed to benefiting society at large with their expertise. I hope through this
newsletter you would be able to share their passion and joy in KE.

Professor Paul K H Tam
Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research) & Director, Knowledge Exchange Office