HKU at InnoCarnival 2014

HKU at InnoCarnival 2014

The HKU pavilion at the InnoCarnival 2014

Explaining new technology to visitors

The InnoCarnival 2014, organized by the Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC) as a major event of the InnoTech Month 2014, was held from November 1-9, 2014 in the Hong Kong Science Park. The Technology Transfer Office  coordinated the University's participation in the InnoCarnival 2014.   

The theme of the InnoCarnival 2014 was "Technology for a Better Future". HKU showcased the following 7 projects from the Faculties of Engineering, Medicine and Science at this large-scale event:

The aforementioned project investigators and their teams used various exhibits, interactive demonstrations, specimens, videos and posters to demonstrate the application of their cutting-edge research and inventions to visitors. In addition, there were 2 computer games developed by summer interns of Versitech, one on the difference between Type I and Type II diabetes, and the other a game of self-examination for the visitors to see what they had learned from the HKU's exhibits. Visitors from all walks of life could gain hands-on experience of the convenience brought by these projects to everyday life and enjoy the fun. The HKU pavilion attracted a lot of visitors, from potential industry partners to school teachers and students as well as families.

According to the ITC, the InnoCarnival 2014 had attracted more than 230,000 visitors, raising public awareness of local inventions.