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KE Videos

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'Using Cryptography to Track Cybercriminals'
Dr Kam Pui Chow
, Faculty of Engineering

Cybercrime is one of the fastest growing, most lucrative and destructive areas of criminal activity in the world today. Dr Kam Pui Chow, Associate Director of the Center for Information Security and Cryptography at the University, is developing software specifically targeting these activities. He has been working closely with the Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department to help the authorities track down cybercriminals.


'Monitoring Light Pollution to Save the Night Sky'
Dr Jason Pun
, Faculty of Science

Hong Kong has one of the worst light pollution problems in the world. Apart from the energy, health and environmental costs, light pollution has another price – the loss of the night sky. For the last 10 years Dr Jason Pun of the Faculty of Science and his team have been researching the extent of light pollution across Hong Kong, and looking into ways that it can be reduced without the city losing its lustre as the "Pearl of the Orient". He has also been working with the Hong Kong Space Museum and other organizations to reach out to the general public and to school students, educating them of the negative consequences of light pollution.