Partnerships through Contract Research

Partnerships through Contract Research/ Consultancy

The University values working in partnership with external organizations, and has a strong track record in delivering research projects through contract research or consultancy agreements to meet the specific needs of businesses, industries, social enterprises, and the public sector. 

External organizations are welcome to visit the HKU Scholars Hub to look for our researchers to explore opportunities of working together on contract research or consultancy projects.  The HKU Scholars Hub is the University's online expertise directory, which makes HKU researchers and their research visible.  It provides an expert finder for businesses, industries, social enterprises, the public sector, and interested student applicants to find HKU experts for contract research, consultancies, and postgraduate student supervision etc. 

A contract agreement will be entered into for providing research service under specified negotiated conditions in exchange for the full reasonable identifiable costs, including overheads. In accordance with the University's guidelines, such agreements should be signed by the Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Research) or his authorized representative(s) on behalf of the University.

The Research Services (RS) of the Registry and the Knowledge Exchange Office (KEO) assist our researchers in co-ordinating the review of draft contract research agreements and consultancy/service agreement for KE respectively to ensure that all the proposed terms and conditions are consistent with the relevant policies of the University, and in arranging the agreement to be signed by an authorized representative of the University once the terms and conditions are confirmed by all parties. To initiate the process, the Contract Research/Consultancy Information Form should be completed by the Principal Investigator, duly signed by the Head of Department concerned, and forwarded to RS or KEO as appropriate together with the draft agreement.

Some templates of research related agreements, which were prepared by the Technology Transfer Office and are for reference only, are available on the Research Services website.  In the event that any amendment is required, please contact Research Services, or the Knowledge Exchange Office (KEO) if related to KE matters, for assistance and initiation of the vetting process.

For more information, please visit Research Services.