Technology Transfer

Technology Transfer

Linking with Industry

Technology transfer means different things to different people. Within industry, the term is commonly used to describe the process whereby a company licenses a newly developed technology to a partner or contractor, trading its technological edge for a larger market share for its products. In the academic world, technology transfer normally refers to the process of exploiting the commercial potential of a technological breakthrough by concluding an agreement to bring this technology from the laboratory to the marketplace. In other words, it is the process of commercializing an academic discovery.

The transfer of the fruits of the University's applied research and scientific discoveries makes an important contribution to the realization of one of the University's goals - to contribute to the advancement of society. The University's wealth of expertise can often be of great value to business enterprises and industries, and the transfer of this expertise underpins another aspect of the University's research philosophy, namely its support for collaboration with industry.

Service Arm

Since the establishment of the Technology Transfer Office (TTO) in September 2006, we have been progressing steadily toward our goal of facilitating the transfer of HKU innovation and research discoveries to the commercial sector for the benefit of the University and the general public. TTO manages the use of the intellectual property assets of HKU by providing patenting, licensing, and other commercialization support to our researchers. Acting as the bridge linking HKU to society in the arena of technology commercialization, TTO helps industries and businesses to access HKU's powerhouse of knowledge, innovation, and expertise through close collaboration.

Business Arm

All the commercialization and business arrangements arising out of the technology transfer activities of the University are handled by Versitech Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of HKU which serves as the commercial arm of the University.

Commercialization Opportunities

Look at our patents for the University's technologies that are available for licensing. TTO and Versitech are happy to discuss with any organizations interested in working collaboratively with our academic staff to explore commercialization opportunities.