“The 3MT was a great opportunity for me to test my ability to explain a complicated topic within 3 minutes to a lay audience. Astrophysics is a very humbling science, being the oldest subject to be first studied since in the past there was nothing to do in the night but look up at the stars! It has a strong connection to most people, and nowadays most of the topics are explained in a very complicated manner that the general public cannot easily understand the true meaning behind scientific research. The 3MT allowed me to teach people about seemingly complicated topics like dark matter, and it made me very happy to know that many of the audience enjoyed the presentation and understood the content. I am very grateful to my girlfriend, Stanley Shen, for supporting me and being my practice audience, and I would also like to thank my supervisor, Dr. Jeremy Lim, for teaching me to be an excellent presenter and communicator. Last but not least, I thank my parents for guiding me to become who I am today,” says Alfred Amruth, Champion of the HKU 3MT 2019.

The Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) Competition 2019 of HKU was successfully held on March 7, 2019. This year 17 research postgraduate (RPg) students participated in the competition, and 10 finalists were shortlisted to compete for 3 prizes decided by the adjudicating panel and the People's Choice Award decided by audience ballot. The Online People's Choice Award was awarded to the finalist who received the most 'LIKE' votes on YouTube after the competition.

The 3MT was developed by The University of Queensland, Australia in 2008. It is an academic competition that challenges RPg students to explain their research within 3 minutes to a general audience. 3MT celebrates the discoveries made by RPg students and encourages them to develop the skills to communicate the importance of their research to the broader community.

Mr Andrew Fung Hau Chung, Chief Financial Officer, Henderson Land Development Company Limited, Mrs Teresa Tong, Certified Public Accountant, Retired Partner of Ernst & Young, Former Chairperson of HKU Convocation, and Former HKU Court Member, and Mrs Daisy Tong Yeung Wai Lan, Former Partner & Notary Public Litigation & Insolvency of Deacons, served on the adjudicating panel as our guests of honour. Internal members of the adjudicating panel included Professor John Bacon-Shone, Associate Director of the Knowledge Exchange Office (KEO), who served as the Chairman of the panel, Professor Dong-Yan Jin, Associate Dean of the Graduate School, Professor Maggy Lee of the Department of Sociology and Dr Wing-Yee Lui of the School of Biological Sciences.

Congratulations to all the winners of the HKU 3MT Competition 2019. They are:


Name: Mr Alfred Amruth
  MPhil candidate in the Faculty of Science
Presentation Title: Illuminating dark matter with nature’s time machine
Primary Supervisor: Dr Jeremy Jin Leong Lim


1st Runner-up 

Name: Ms Oi Kwan Mak
  PhD candidate in the Faculty of Science
Presentation Title: Secretin, a water balance in our body!
Primary Supervisor: Professor Billy Kwok Chong Chow


2nd Runner-up

Name: Mr Ching-yin Nathan Kwan
  PhD candidate in the Faculty of Arts
Presentation Title: The International Suppression of Chinese Piracy in South China, 1841-1899
Primary Supervisor: Professor John Mark Carroll


People’s Choice Award Winner

Name: Mr Chak Man Lee
  PhD candidate in the Faculty of Engineering
Presentation Title: Phase? The new phase for tomorrow cancer diagnosis
Primary Supervisor: Dr Kevin Kin Man Tsia


Online People’s Choice Award Winner

Name: Ms Ashini Dias Mahadura
  MPhil candidate in the Faculty of Science
Presentation Title: Visualizing Evolution: Origin of New Species in Hong Kong
Primary Supervisor: Professor Richard Mark Kingsley Saunders


The HKU 3MT Competition was jointly organised by the Graduate School and KEO. Videos on the presentations of the awardees and finalists can be viewed here.

Awardees, finalists and supervisors at the HKU 3MT Competition 2018 with members of the adjudicating panel

Awardees, finalists and supervisors at the HKU 3MT Competition 2019 with members of the adjudicating panel

(From left, back row) Professor John Bacon-Shone, Ms Junchang Li (finalist), Dr Duangporn Duangthip (supervisor of Ms Jieyi Chen), Ms Ashini Dias Mahadura (Online People’s Choice Award Winner), Ms Jieyi Chen (finalist), Ms Kishoree Krishna Kumaree (finalist), Ms Kun Liu (finalist), Mr Kai Won Tsang (finalist)

(From left, front row) Professor Richard Saunders (supervisor of Ms Ashini Dias Mahadura), Dr Kevin Tsia (supervisor of Mr Chak Man Lee), Professor Maggy Lee, Dr Wing-Yee Lui, Professor Dong-Yan Jin, Mr Andrew Fung, Ms Oi Kwan Mak (1st Runner-up), Mr Alfred Amruth (Champion), Mr Ching-yin Nathan Kwan (2nd Runner-up), Mr Chak Man Lee (People’s Choice Award Winner), Mrs Daisy Tong, Mrs Teresa Tong, Professor Bernadette Tsui (Director of Development & Alumni Affairs Office), Professor John Carroll (supervisor of Mr Ching-yin Nathan Kwan and Mr Kai Won Tsang), Professor Mee-Len Chye (Dean of Graduate School)