Faculty Knowledge Exchange Awards 2011

Faculty Knowledge Exchange Awards 2011

Introduced in 2011, the Faculty KE Awards aim to recognize each Faculty's outstanding KE accomplishment that has made demonstrable economic, social or cultural impacts to benefit the community, business/industry, or partner organizations.

Nominations are considered by an Ad Hoc Faculty KE Award Selection Committee of the Faculty concerned, comprising the Dean (Chairman), the Faculty representative serving on the KE Working Group, an external member, and one of the Associate Directors of the Knowledge Exchange Office. Selection is based on the following criteria:

  1. Quality of the knowledge: Evidence of links of the project that has achieved the KE impacts with excellence in research or in teaching and learning of HKU;
  2. Effectiveness of the communication process: Evidence of an effective engagement process with the community, business/industry, or partner organizations; and
  3. Impacts achieved: Evidence of demonstrable benefits to the community, business/industry, or partner organizations.

Each Faculty KE Award carries a monetary award of HK$50,000 for the awardee to carry out further KE work. Individual Faculties have the flexibility to decide whether to conduct a Faculty KE Award exercise in a particular year, taking into account the Faculty's KE developments.

This year nine Faculties introduced the Award, and altogether 41 nominations of outstanding quality were received. Nine awards were made, one by each participating Faculty. The success stories of the awardees are presented under Features of this newsletter.

Luncheon for recipients of the Faculty KE Awards on September 7, 2011

(From left, front row)
Awardees: Mr Weijen Wang (Faculty of Architecture), Dr Joe Y F Lau (Faculty of Arts), Ms Amanda Whitfort (Faulty of Law), Dr Dorothy F P Ng (Faculty of Education), Professor Connie S H Ho (Faculty of Social Sciences), Dr Brian Chung (on behalf of Professor Y L Lau, Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine), Dr Chun-Hung Chu (Faculty of Dentistry)
(From left, back row)
Dr Roger C K Chan (Associate Dean [Research] of the Faculty of Architecture), Professor Y S Hung (Associate Dean [Knowledge Exchange] of the Faculty of Engineering), Professor Paul Cheung (Director of the Technology Transfer Office), Professor Lap-Chee Tsui (Vice-Chancellor and President), Professor John Bacon-Shone (Associate Director of the Knowledge Exchange Office), Dr Yoshiko Nakano (Associate Dean of the Faculty of Arts), Dr Felix W H Chan (Associate Dean [Research] of the Faculty of Law)