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Dr Jason Pun

Interdisciplinary Quick Talks: Health and the City

Dr Jason Pun

Dr Jason Pun
Principal Lecturer
Department of Physics

When there is more light than meets the eyes: Light Pollution and your Health


With the successful launch of the Charter on External Lighting in 2016, Hong Kong has taken an important step in reducing light pollution. Wasteful light from outdoor manmade light sources emitted directly upwards or reflected from the ground can brighten the night sky and our living environment. Light pollution not only is a waste of electric energy and deprives us of the starry night skies, it also harms our health and damages our natural environment. The American Medical Association (AMA) passed a resolution in 2009 to support efforts to control and reduce light pollution. In this talk, I will introduce light pollution, the current situation in Hong Kong, and its damaging impacts. The talk will end with ideas to remedy the problem from the technological, policy, and educational perspectives.


Dr Chun Shing Jason Pun is currently Principal Lecturer at the Department of Physics, The University of Hong Kong (HKU). Since 2003, he has been conducting scientific studies of light pollution in Hong Kong. He is also actively involved in the public education on the negative impacts of light pollution. he is now serving as a member of the Working Group on External Lighting to assist the HKSAR Government to review the effectiveness of the Charter on External Lighting, and to devise measures to better manage external lighting. In appreciation and recognition of these efforts to preserve night skies, Dr Pun had been awarded one of the Dark Sky Defender Awards 2018 of the International Dark Sky Association (IDA).