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Professor Peter Y. K. Cheung

Leeds-HKU Conference: Moving Beyond Research to Engagement and Impact

Speakers and Panelists

Professor Peter Y. K. Cheung

Professor Peter Y. K. Cheung
Head, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering & Vice Dean, Faculty of Engineering, Imperial College London

Three Different Forms of Impact in Engineering


This talk is about the journey of the speaker's own experience in preparing his department's submission to the Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2014 in the UK. Being the Head of Imperial College's Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering since 2008, he was responsible for their REF submission including: formulating the strategy, motivating the department’s sense of purpose, selecting and drafting much of the final submission. The focus of this talk will be on research impact: how he led the department in their submission of five case studies and the impact template document. The success of his approach to impact is clearly demonstrated by the fact that 100% of their entire submission on impact was rated 4* (top rating).

He will conclude the talk by reflecting on the entire REF experience as one of the leaders at Imperial College responsible for REF.


Professor Peter Y. K. Cheung is Professor of Digital Systems and Head of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Imperial College London. He is also Vice Dean (Education) of the Faculty of Engineering. Together with Professor Wayne Luk in Department of Computing, he established one of the strongest research groups in the area of Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) in the UK. His research in reconfigurable systems and technology includes architecture, variability mitigation, reliability issues, high-level synthesis and tools, and various application area for FPGAs.

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