• MPhil or PhD students whose candidature have been confirmed and who are in their final year of study (i.e. within one year prior to the end of their candidature or who have already submitted the "Notice of Intent to Submit a Thesis")
  • MPhil or PhD students who have submitted their thesis may also enter the Competition if they have not yet received the confirmation letter from the Graduate School that they have already completed all the requirements for the conferment of the degree sought.
  • Students are permitted to enter the competition only once during their candidature.

Note: For the avoidance of doubt, neither the champion nor any other winners of the HKU 3MT Competition will be automatically eligible to represent the University in any regional/international 3MT competitions.  HKU’s participation in any such competitions in a particular year will depend on the arrangements of the hosting institution or organizer concerned, and the University may participate in a virtual competition rather than one that is held overseas. In any case the candidate to represent HKU in such a competition must meet the eligibility criteria set by the hosting institution or organizer concerned.  In case where the hosting institution or organizer concerned only allows PhD candidates to participate in its competition, the highest ranking PhD candidate among the HKU 3MT candidates may be given the chance to represent the University in that competition.