Date of Competition: Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Schedule of Presentations:

Closing Remarks of Adjudicators

Highlights of 3MT 2012


Post-event Sharing

Champion and People's Choice Award Winner:
Mr Pun Tung NG

“I like the idea of this competition as it allows young scientists to summarize their research work and share it with others in an interesting way. As a researcher, I think it is crucial to be able to demonstrate to people, who may be either specialists in your field or non-specialists, that your study is important and influential. If a researcher cannot do this, people may feel that he/she is wasting time and tax payers’ money. I often told my friends that I filmed ‘Category III’ movies of snails in the laboratory. It made them laugh. But then they would ask me about the contributions of this work to science or society. At the beginning of my PhD study, I could not give a simple and neat answer to this and I felt really ashamed. I knew I was working on an interesting and important subject, but I couldn't find a good way to explain this. I, therefore, tried very hard to develop an answer during my candidature. It is likely that most research students may encounter a similar situation and hence having a well prepared '3-minute' thesis description in 'your pocket' would be useful. In the competition, I felt that my spoken English was not as good as the other participants. But I tried to avoid using complex scientific theories and terms in my speech and perhaps that allowed the audience to have a better understanding of my work. I am also passionate about my study, and so the audience might have been able to feel my enthusiasm. It’s my great honour to receive the awards and to represent HKU at the Trans-Tasman 3MT Competition to be held in Australia! I would like to thank my supervisor, Prof. Gray A. Williams, my colleagues at The Swire Institute of Marine Science and my friends for their help in preparing the presentation and support during the competition! I would also like to thank the organizers, the judges and the audience!”


1st Runner-up:
Mr Wenkai ZHU

“Participation in the 3MT Competition was indeed a memorable journey where I experienced 3Gs: growth, gratitude, and gains. Growth means far more than award in any competition. During the Competition, I learnt how to transform my 3-year marathon of research into a 3-minute race and meet the challenge of how to present it to a general audience. The other “growth” is nervousness control. Adequate preparation for and enjoyment of the Competition were two ice lollies to relieve my anxiety and worry. Gratitude goes to my supervisor Dr S.H. Choi and my friends who gave me support during the Competition. Particularly, I am indebted to Ms Winnie Huang for her constructive ideas and firm support. Gains from the Competition are not merely a conference travel grant, but also a legacy of something unexpected. I am now delighted when a friend or even an unacquainted person starts a chat with me about my performance in the Competition. The 3Gs are the lovely shells I picked up when strolling along the beach of the Competition. I am sure the tide of the Competition next year will bring more to the contestants.”


2nd Runner-up:
Mr Ricky Van Yip TSO
Social Sciences

“Through 3MT, I was able to challenge myself to present my thesis within a very short time. I thoroughly enjoyed the process of brainstorming about the ways of presenting my complicated thesis about the cognitive processes behind Chinese character recognition in a way that a layman could understand — by using face recognition as an analogy. Not only did I enjoy myself and have fun when presenting, but I was also amused by watching others present their research in various humorous and entertaining styles. For example, I wouldn’t have known that male snails are picky towards their girlfriends if I hadn’t joined the game! 3MT has no doubt enriched my knowledge of other people’s research and I will definitely recommend this competition to fellow RPg students who are about to graduate, especially those who want to improve their presentation skills!”


Online People’s Choice Award Winner:
Ms Yingying ZHANG

“I was much more nervous than I thought I would be. 3MT is definitely one of my best experiences in HKU. The preparation is much harder than I expected. The transcripts had been modified many times before the final version. Before the competition, I used to use professional jargons without noticing they are “professional”. If I hadn’t participated in this competition, I would have never realized that I had difficulty in describing my research project in layman’s language. Now I can introduce my PhD study to friends easily in three minutes. Moreover, through this competition, I learnt about what other postgraduates are working on. Their projects are very interesting and attractive to me. I really enjoyed their presentations. The honor and greatest thanks go to my friends and my supervisor, Dr GR Li. They gave me valuable suggestions and accompanied me to rehearse again and again. I could not win without them. The happiest moment is not the time I won, but the time I shared with them the good news and saw them cheering. They were even happier than me. It gave me the feeling that we fought as a team and won together, which is the best part of 3MT in my eyes. Also, I have met some really outstanding contestants in this competition, and we have become friends. Thank you, 3MT!”