Date of Competition: Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Schedule of Presentations:

Highlights of 3MT 2014


Post-event Sharing

Champion and People's Choice Award Winner:
Ms Carrie LAU

The 3MT transformed the heart and mind. It did not only challenge me to think of what to say about my research in three minutes, it also made me go through a journey of self-reflection, where I asked myself these questions: "What have you done in the last four years? Why are you doing what you are doing?" The 3MT gave us all a chance to tell others our stories. The process of preparing for my story was an unforgettable experience, not to mention the three minutes when I was on the stage speaking to a room filled with audiences! I must thank my supervisor, Professor Nirmala Rao, for her encouragement and support at all times. I must also thank my friends for being there throughout the process.


1st Runner-up and Online People's Choice Award Winner:
Mr Ming Long CHUNG

Explaining your research project in three minutes using layman's language is not easy. Before the 3MT, I thought that candidates from technology-based disciplines were less favoured than those from non-technology-related disciplines as our work involves many technical terms as well as concepts that are difficult to understand. At the 3MT, I was impressed by some other candidates using everyday life examples to explain their experimental research. The 3MT has given me the valuable chance to not only enhance my presentation skills, but also understand more about the research work conducted by fellow RPg students in other faculties.


2nd Runner-up:
Mr Zhuo DENG

Being a PhD student in Physics, I always question myself: can I explain my research to a non-specialist in a logical, concise, yet appealing way? The 3MT provided the best opportunity for me to solve my enigma. The most valuable gem of this competition was not how much applause I received. It was the preparation of my presentation in which I learnt the most. I had to condense the core of my research into 180 seconds and present it in simple terms yet elegantly. The 3MT also helped me improve my resilience against stress. Finally, I would like to express the sincerest gratitude to my supervisor, Dr S. J. Xu, who enlightened me on the path of idea dissemination.