Date of Competition: Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Schedule of Presentations:


Post-event Sharing

Ms Tianyin LIU
Social Sciences

I have never considered myself an articulate speaker, a talkative one at most, but more and more occasions enabled me to see the need of being one. Having a thousand ideas running in your head yet unable to convey the message clearly is agony. I was sitting among the audience in the past three years watching the 3MT Competition, and I could clearly recall a few 'wow' moments when the contestants just amazed me with the exciting findings and the way they presented the stories. I am glad that I am part of it this year. Compared to what I gained from the whole preparation process and what I learnt from other contestants, what I gave is minimal. Next year, the stage is yours.


1st Runner-up and People's Choice Award Winner:
Ms Wai Yan KONG

As a postgraduate student in Hong Kong history, I hope that my work will eventually raise public interest in the history of our city. I always wonder how I can tell my friends and relatives about my research without boring them with too much jargon. The 3MT provided a great opportunity to think about how to explain my thesis in the most concise and interesting way to a wider, non-specialist audience. I enjoyed presenting at the 3MT, because it enabled me to share my enthusiasm with the audience. It was a very rewarding experience to see how people unfamiliar with my field were moved by my research. Apart from my friends and classmates who provided me their valuable advice, I would like to thank my supervisor Prof. John Carroll, for his encouragement, guidance and support. My deepest gratitude goes to the many evacuees whose personal stories contributed to my thesis, especially Josephine, who generously gave me the picture I used in the presentation when I visited Australia.


2nd Runner-up:
Mr Andy Kam Seng LAU

Participating in 3MT is undoubtedly an unforgettable moment in my university life, it offers me a chance to review and summarize my work into a concise talk for general public. In this competition, concentrating a 4-year work into a 3-minute speech is always a challenging task, yet this experience is definitely a valuable asset for any technical researchers, like me and others especially from Science and Engineering faculties, which helps us effectively communicate and transform our ideas into clear, yet appealing concepts. I would like to express my sincerest thanks to my supervisors here, Dr Kevin K. Tsia and Dr Kenneth K. Y. Wong, for their consistent support and guidance throughout my PhD study and in the 3MT competition. Special thanks are also given to all my friends and colleagues for their time and encouragement to lighten and enrich my speech in this competition.


Online People's Choice Award Winner:
Ms Mana Man Na YUNG

3MT is a platform to propagate our research findings to the general public, more people are now aware of the use of nanoparticles in sunblock. 3MT provides a valuable opportunity to train my public speaking skill. I feel more confidence to communicate the key research findings with the lay audience now. I also learned from fellow participants who can present their research in a simple and interesting way. My deepest gratitude goes to Prof. Kenneth Leung for encouraging me to participate in the competition and thanks for his continuous guidance on my research journey. My heartfelt thanks to my lab-mates and friends in the School of Biological Sciences and SWIMS for their comments and support. Thanks to those who like my talk and voted for me. Special thanks to my sisters and husband for their support and advice throughout the competition. Thanks be to God.