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Innovation-driven Solutions

The University of Hong Kong is a world-class comprehensive research university, with research activities spanning all major disciplines across our faculties and departments and research centres/institutes. In our pursuit of new knowledge, we recognize that we must put our findings to meaningful uses in real world applications in order to benefit as many people as possible. Innovation is one of the ‘3+1 Is’ (Internationalisation, Innovation and Interdisciplinarity, all converging on Impact) in HKU’s Vision 2016-2025, so the University strongly encourages technology transfer and entrepreneurship.


Service Arm
The Technology Transfer Office (TTO) was established in 2006 to manage the use of the intellectual property assets of HKU by providing patenting, licensing, and other commercialization support to our researchers. Acting as the bridge linking HKU to society in the arena of technology commercialization, TTO helps industries and businesses to access HKU's powerhouse of knowledge, innovation, and expertise through close collaboration.

Business Arm
All the commercialization and business arrangements arising out of the technology transfer activities of the University are handled by Versitech Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of HKU.

Commercialization Opportunities
Look at our patents for the University's technologies that are available for licensing. TTO/Versitech are happy to discuss with any organizations interested in working collaboratively with our researchers to explore commercialization opportunities.


The University is committed to creating a nurturing and supportive environment where creativity, original thinking, experimentation and risk-taking are prized and harnessed. The Technology Start-up Support Scheme for Universities at HKU (TSSSU@HKU) and DreamCatchers provide support for our researchers, students and alumni to pursue their start-up ideas. The University’s hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, iDendron, is located on 1/F., Knowles Building on the main campus. It serves as co-working space, event space, and collaborative community for aspiring entrepreneurs.