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Mailing List Help Information

Welcome to the mailing list help file. This help file will attempt to answer some basic questions that you as a subscriber may have about this mailing list. If you have a question that is not answered by this help file, please contact an administrator at keoffice at

Common Questions
  1. How did I get subscribed to this mailing list?
    Our mailing list application currently requires subscribers to double opt-in before they are subscribed to any of our mailing lists. This means that you or someone using your e-mail address has requested to be added to our mailing list, at which time our system sent a confirmation e-mail that was confirmed. If you did not confirm the subscription confirmation yourself, it is possible that our mailing list administrator has added your e-mail address to our system manually. Details about this transaction may be available upon request by e-mailing an administrator at keoffice at
  2. How do I remove myself from this mailing list?

    E-Mail Address
  3. What is this e-mail that I received?
    This mailing list help file is not able to determine the content of the message you have received; however, if you have ended up at this page then it is likely that the message you received was sent using our mailing list management software. If you believe you have received a message in error, please contact an administrator at keoffice at and inform them of your situation.