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Dr Alex Bamji

Leeds-HKU Conference: Moving Beyond Research to Engagement and Impact

Speakers and Panelists

Dr Alex Bamji


Dr Alex Bamji
Lecturer in Early Modern History, School of History, University of Leeds

Panel Discussion: Impact Case Studies as Food for Thought in Shaping the Faculty or Institutional Impact Agenda


Dr Alex Bamji has been Lecturer in Early Modern History at the University of Leeds since 2008. She is a social and cultural historian, and her research focuses on health, disease and religion in early modern society, especially in Venice and Italy. She has published on the Catholic life cycle, and on medical care, charity and space in Venice in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. She has co-edited two books: on the Counter-Reformation and on a Venetian hospital church. Her research interests led to her participation in Dr Iona McCleery's Wellcome Trust-funded project, 'You Are What You Ate', an interdisciplinary project which aimed to encourage public debate and personal reflection on modern eating habits through exploration of the dietary choices of the past. Alex provided exhibition and website content, engaged with the public at food fairs and festivals, and delivered a public lecture. She has recently embarked on a new research project on 'Death in early modern Venice', and has plans for impact activity around Venetian cemeteries.

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