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Professor Amy Shuen

Leeds-HKU Conference: Moving Beyond Research to Engagement and Impact

Speakers and Panelists

Professor Amy Shuen

Professor Amy Shuen
Professor of Management Practice, China Europe International Business School (CEIBS)

The University as Life Sciences Ecosystem Orchestrator: A Nanomedicine Case Study


The Human Genome Project sparked $965B in GDP and new jobs from $4B invested. This astounding 178x return demonstrates the economic impact of biomedical innovation ecosystems where the government, universities, researchers and companies are partners in turning breakthrough discoveries into lifesaving medical products.

In this talk, I'll use the "dynamic capabilities" and "open innovation" framework to explain the key role of the university as an effective "orchestrator" of complex life sciences ecosystems. Next, I will highlight a few comparative benchmarks and partnership approaches used at QB3 (The California Institute for Quantitative Biosciences). A major part of QB3 is its four incubators, in which scientists turn discoveries into companies and where these startups have raised more than $500M. These incubators/accelerators have brought academic and non-academic communities together to achieve financial and strategic impact. Finally, I will recommend several "best practices" for turning research into monetizable and actionable knowledge that seem particularly well-suited to the current Asian and European context.


Professor Amy Shuen is an academic entrepreneur, inspiring her executive program members, faculty colleagues and grad students at UC Berkeley, Wharton, INSEAD, CEIBS, and HKU to seek out and collaboratively solve high-impact, inter-disciplinary real-world and "moon shot" problems. She is currently a "professor-turned-biotech-CEO" for a UCSF-UC Berkeley-Stanford nanobiotech spinout. Her scholarship in multinational alliances and high tech industry eco-systems led to her becoming the First Robert Noyce Research Fellow at Berkeley, Sloan Competitive Industries Fellow and shaped her award-winning strategy article on Dynamic Capabilities in Strategic Management, one of the most cited and influential articles in the field. Her best-selling book on digital mobile transformation and Web 2.0 strategy for business leaders has influenced 45,000 readers in 7 different languages. In addition to her academic research and teaching, she raised a $100M Silicon Valley innovation fund and was named partner in a 300-consultant international firm. She has led many successful strategic initiatives for the CEOs and boards of major multinational corporations as well as for venture-funded startups. Her early professional experiences were with Booz Allen, Intel, P&G and Bell Labs.

She is a very active Ivy League alumna, past speaker at UC Berkeley Haas and Wharton events, former Executive Education Officer of the Harvard Business School Northern California Alumni Club, Director San Francisco East Bay Yale Alumni Schools Committee recruiting.

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