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Professor Cecilia L. W. Chan

Leeds-HKU Conference: Moving Beyond Research to Engagement and Impact

Speakers and Panelists

Professor Cecilia L. W. Chan

Professor Cecilia L. W. Chan
Head, Department of Social Work and Social Administration,
The University of Hong Kong

Capacity Enhancement Through Collaboration: Partnership Projects of ExCEL3


With the rapid expansion and development of non-governmental organizations, environmental groups, social enterprises and philanthropic foundations in Hong Kong and China, the Hong Kong Jockey Club and The University of Hong Kong established the ExCEL3 (Excellence in Capacity-building on Entrepreneurship and Leadership for the 3rd Sector) Project in 2012. This inter-disciplinary ExCEL3 project aims to build the capacity of non-governmental organizations and empower civil society in Hong Kong, as well as build research and teaching capacity in the study of civil society within the University. Through training, sharing, and research, the project seeks to nurture innovation and entrepreneurship, to strengthen the leadership, management, governance and organizational capacity of the third sector; and to build a platform that brings together philanthropists, foundations, and institutional investors with non-governmental organizations, as well as the academic community. Impact and collaborative partnership challenges will be critically reviewed in this presentation.


Professor Chan is editor and author of over 30 books, author of over 300 articles and book chapters. Her integrative meaning-making empowerment strategies effectively nurture spirituality of forgiveness, appreciation, gratitude, peace, hope, resilience and optimism, which are fundamental to building a harmonious society. Her leadership in the study of hospice, palliative, trauma, disaster and bereavement care is also recognized by her many international awards and local recognitions. She has graduated 50 research postgraduate students, many of them has taken up leadership positions in prestigious universities. She has established new service delivery systems like Hospital Patients' Resource Centers and Community Rehabilitation Network, as well as establish new services for orphans, chronic patients and victims of disaster. She is an excellent social work academic and practitioner, a social entrepreneur and a Change Maker in society. She served as Founding Director to the Centre on Behavioral Health, Master of Social Science (Behavioral Health) Program, HKU-HKJC ExCEL3 Project (Excellence in Capacity-building on Entrepreneurship and Leadership for the Third Sector), Master of Social Science (Nonprofit Management) in The University of Hong Kong. She was also instrumental in the establishment of the Centre on Aging, Centre of Buddhist Studies, HKJC Centre on Suicide Research and Prevention, and many other taught post-graduate programs.

Current Appointments in The University of Hong Kong:
Si Yuan Professor in Health and Social Work,
Head and Professor, Department of Social Work and Social Administration,
Founding Director, Associate Director, Centre on Behavioral Health,
Founding Associate Director, HKJC Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention, and
Honorary Professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

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