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Professor Christopher Megone

Leeds-HKU Conference: Moving Beyond Research to Engagement and Impact

Speakers and Panelists

Professor Christopher Megone Professor Christopher Megone
Director of Inter-Disciplinary Ethics Applied, University of Leeds

Addressing the Unlikely Disciplines in Knowledge Exchange


In this talk Chris Megone will draw on his experience as Faculty of Arts Impact Director from 2006-2011 and then an Impact case study reviewer to illustrate how very significant KE/Impact is perfectly possible in a wide range of areas which might have been thought unpromising at first sight. Part of the initial problem as the KE/Impact agenda evolved in the UK from was that it was assumed that KE/Impact had to be evaluated exclusively in economic terms – and only slowly became apparent that wider social and cultural impact was of equal importance. The talk will draw on successful case studies from areas such as music, philosophy, languages and performing arts to explain the imaginative ways in which impact was achieved, and also how these role models have served to spread a wider understanding of the possibilities for impact from arts research even to initially sceptical colleagues.


Chris Megone is Professor of Interdisciplinary Applied Ethics at the University of Leeds. He has been the Director of Inter-Disciplinary Ethics Applied, a national Centre for Excellence, since its inception in 2005. Chris was also Faculty of Arts KT (KE/Impact) Director at Leeds from 2006-2011 and in that role helped facilitate a wide range of impact activity across the Faculty. He acted as an internal impact reviewer across Faculties for REF2014. Chris has previously spoken at several conferences organised by HK HE sector on KE/Impact in Arts and Humanities.

The Ethics Applied Centre is directly involved in KE/Impact activity, providing research based consultancy in Professional Ethics. For example, the Centre produced "Real Integrity: Promoting Integrity in Organisations" for the Institute of Chartered Accountants for England and Wales and Chris drew on this in giving evidence at the Leveson Inquiry into the "Ethics and Culture of the Media".

In 2006, Professor Megone was awarded a National Teaching Fellowship, one of only three philosophers in the UK to hold such an award. He is currently also Faculty of Arts International Director.

More about the Ethics Applied Centre can be found here.

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