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DIY Answers; Getting More Utility Out of the HKU Scholars Hub

Date & Time:

February 12, 2015 (Thu) | 1:00 - 2:00 p.m.


Room P6-03, Graduate House


Mr David Palmer
Associate University Librarian (Digital Strategies & Technical Services), University Libraries

Professor John Bacon-Shone
Associate Director, Knowledge Exchange Office



Administration and support staff in every HKU faculty and department are constantly asked to supply yet another report needed for decision support on departmental research, publications, funding, bibliometric impact, and RPg/TPg theses. You could write to other HKU departments/offices to ask them to supply the information, commission the Libraries to search Web of Science on every one of your department's academics, OR, you could Do It Yourself (DIY) by searching the HKU Scholars Hub. The Hub has already extracted information from many HKU sources (ROS, Graduate School, Registry, TTO, RCGAS, etc), compared and merged with data from external sources (WoS, Scopus, USPTO, SSRN, etc), and will serve up your desired report with a few clicks. When a journalist asks for an expert on "x" to comment on an issue, you can find this in the Hub. When a potential RPg student asks for a supervisor in "y" subject, you can find this in the Hub. And(!), the information in the Hub is usually more complete and current than what is found in the departmental staff pages, or the academic’s personal page. These pages tend to become outdated quickly due to a lack of dedicated manpower to update continuously at the faculty and departmental levels. Why not link from these pages to corresponding Researcher Pages in the Hub and get the benefit of increased visibility and accuracy? Come explore what YOU can do on your own by using this tool.

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