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Knowledge Exchange on War, Terrorism, and Torture?

Date & Time:

April 20, 2016 (Wed) | 1:00 - 2:00 p.m.


Room P6-03, Graduate House


Dr Uwe Steinhoff
Associate Professor, Department of Politics and Public Administration

Dr Uwe Steinhoff received the Faculty Knowledge Exchange (KE) Award 2013 of the Faculty of Social Sciences for the project: ‘On the Ethics of Violence: War, Terrorism, and Torture’.


My research on the ethics of war, terrorism, and torture clarifies these concepts and tries to show under which circumstances, if ever, war, terrorism, and torture are justified. A main focus of my research has always been to avoid the double standards that are often employed when these contentious topics are discussed. I have tried to disseminate my research not only in academic publications, but in radio shows, TV shows, newspapers, magazines, and public lectures; and I had the opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas with members of the military. In the talk I will sketch my research and point to some of the problems and challenges of "knowledge exchange" in this area.

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