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Faculty KE Awards – Faculty of Education

2023 |


2022 |

Dr Gary Ka Wai WONGFaculty of Education
Coding for Community Project: Building A Diversified Coding Community in Hong Kong Secondary Education

2021 |

Professor Nancy Wai Ying LAW and team members – 
Professor Ka Ki Catherine CHANProfessor Jimmy DE LA TORRE, Mr Patrick LAM, Dr Min LAN, Miss Qianru LIANG, Dr Elizabeth Ka Yee LOH, Dr Qianqian PAN, Professor Nirmala RAODr Frank REICHERTDr Cheng Yong TANDr Ka Wai Gary WONG and Mr Yuxiao ZHANG, Faculty of Education
Co-creating a New Normal of Empowered Learning through Digital Citizenship Research’ 

2020 |

Dr Cecilia Ka Yuk CHAN, Faculty of Education
Transforming Holistic Competency Development and Assessment in Higher Education and Beyond

2019 |

Dr Wai Ming CHEUNG and Dr Sau Yan HUI, Faculty of Education 
Supporting Multicultural Dreamers and their Dreamkeepers in Culturally Relevant Chinese Language Learning for Social Inclusion

2018 |

Professor Nirmala RAO and team members – 
Dr Diana Pui-ling LEE, Faculty of Education; Professor John BACON-SHONESocial Sciences Research Centre; and Dr Patrick IPDepartment of Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine
Impacting Early Childhood Policy in East Asia and the Pacific through Contextually-appropriate Assessment of Early Child Development

2017 | Dr Pui Sze YEUNG, Faculty of Education, and team members –
Yan Lee CHAN and Po Yin TSANG, Centre for Advancement in Inclusive and Special Education; Peggie CHAN, Faculty of Education
'Supporting Struggling Writers: From Theory to Practice'
2016 | Dr Samuel Kai Wah CHU, Faculty of Education
'Reading Battle: Enhancing Students’ Reading Interest and Ability with a Gamified, Self-paced, Interactive Children Literature e-Quiz Platform'
2015 | Dr Carol Kit Sum TO and team members –

Ms Winnie K.Y. CHEUNG and Ms Carmela C.Y. TIN, Faculty of Education

'Serving Individuals with Autism'
2014 | Professor Shek Kam TSE and team members - 
Dr Wai Ming CHEUNG, Dr Joseph Wai Ip LAMDr Elizabeth Ka Yee LOHDr Mark Shiu Kee SHUM and Dr Wing Wah KI, Faculty of Education
'A Meaningful Journey of Teaching and Learning of Chinese for Non-Chinese Speaking Students: Towards Local, Regional and International Advancement'
2013 | Dr Tammy Yim Lin KWAN, Faculty of Education
'Achieving "Good Teaching Practice" by Student-Teachers, with Collaborative Support from Mentor-Teachers and University-Tutors: An Exemplary Demonstration of School-University Partnerships'
2012 | Professor Thomas Mark BRAY, Faculty of Education
'Confronting the Shadow Education System: What Government Policies for What Private Tutoring?'
2011 | Dr Dorothy Fung Ping NG, Faculty of Education
'HKU Cantonese Opera Education Research and Promotion Project'