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Bio International Convention 2015

The Technology Transfer Office (TTO) co-ordinated HKU's participation in the Bio International Convention 2015, which was held in Philadelphia, USA, from June 15-18, 2015. Five projects relating to treatment of infectious diseases as well as treatment of cancer by bacterial therapy and chemical drugs were showcased at the event:

  • Arsenol (Arsenic Trioxide Oral Solution) 
  • Bio-Engineered Bacteria for Cancer Therapy 
  • Combined Prokaryotic-Eukaryotic Delivery and Expression of Therapeutic Factors Through a Primed Autocatalytic Positive-Feedback Loop 
  • Immunotherapeutic Targets Against Staphylococcus Aureus 
  • Method and Compositions for Treating Cancer Using Probiotics

Moreover, some technologies relating to disease diagnosis, fluorescent probes and cancer therapeutic drugs were also introduced on this occasion and they have drawn a lot of attention from the respective industries.

For more information, please download the brochure on HKU's frontier research in biotechnologies.

Furthermore, four HKU biotech companies in the business of diagnostic kits, HIV aids vaccine development, stem cells and tissue engineering were featured at the exhibition:

  •  Novoheart Limited
  •  Living Tissues Co Ltd
  •  Immunocure Limited
  •  Hybribio Limited

The HKU booth has attracted many visitors. TTO and the HKU spinoff companies also took the opportunity to establish new business connections with investors, business partners and collaborators.

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