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Student KE Projects 2011/12 on Social Media

A total of 18 Student KE Projects were supported under the KE Funding Exercise 2011/12.  Some student teams have shared the progress of their Student KE Project and their experience on Facebook.  Find them on Facebook or other social network websites as follows:

Faculty of Arts

Project Team Leader: Mr Charles Fong
Project Team Members: Ms Heidi Law and Ms Junyan Cui
Faculty Mentor: Dr Robert Peckham
Partner Organization: Fringe Club
Project Title: Lighthouse Productions

Faculty of Business and Economics

Project Team Leader: Mr Dickson Chan
Project Team Members: Mr Justen Kwok Yee Li, Miss Audrey Cheuk Kei Wong, Mr Chung Wah Chew, Miss Che Yin Au Yeung, Mr Lai Kang Lau, Miss Hiu Yan Ching, Miss Sze Long Yiu, Miss Mei Ki Kwong and Miss Wai Man Chu
Faculty Mentor: Professor David Bishop
Partner Organization: Soap Cycling 
Project Title: Soap Cycling Project 

Project Team Leader: Miss Hui Wing Sze
Project Team Members: Mr Chan Leong, Mr Chan To Ching, Miss Antonia Cheng, Mr Cheong Shok Yuen and Mr Benjamin Law
Faculty Mentor: Dr Michael Chau
Partner Organization: Déjà vu Creation
Project Title: Upcycling for a change

Project Team Leader: Miss Li Yifeng
Project Team Members: Miss Jiasi Chen, Miss Chen Chang and Miss Sun Wen
Faculty Mentor: Dr Winnie Leung
Partner Organization: The Oaks, and The Hong Kong General Chamber of Small and Medium Business
Project Title: New SME: Social Mission Engagement 

Faculty of Engineering

Project Team Leader: Miss Ammie Wang
Project Team Members: Miss Grace Cai, Miss Sunny Zhang, Miss Kwok Yu Ho and Mr Li Yiran
Faculty Mentors: Professor Ben Young and Dr Wilton Fok
Partner Organization: The High School Affiliated to Guangxi Normal University
Project Title: HKU Buddy Program

Faculty of Law

Project Team Leader: Mr William Fitzgerald
Project Team Members: Mr Mora Andres and Miss Lee Lee
Faculty Mentors: Ms Kelley Loper
Partner Organization: Vision First
Project Title: Refugees in Hong Kong - Billingual YouTube Channel

Faculty of Social Sciences

Project Team Leader: Miss Viviana Chiu Sik Wu
Project Team Members: Miss Cindy Lin Fei Qu and Mr Bob Chiu Chun Chan
Faculty Mentors: Professor Wai Fung Lam
Partner Organization: Politics and Public Administration
Project Title: Breeding Social Innovators - Pioneers for Change!
HK 48hr Service Jam 2012

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