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UGC's TV Programme on KT/KE

The University Grants Committee (UGC) recognizes that knowledge transfer (KT)/knowledge exchange (KE) has become an important mission of Hong Kong's higher education institutions. The UGC has recently decided to deploy some resources to publicise the UGC-funded institutions' KT/KE endeavors in order to increase public awareness of the good work that has been done by institutions in this area. They have commissioned TVB to produce a 30-minute programme in the form of a documentary, and selected a KT/KE project from each of the 8 UGC-funded institutions to be featured in this programme.

Details of the upcoming TV programme are as follows:

Programme name: 知識大轉移
Channel: TVB Jade (i.e. the Chinese channel)
Broadcast date: December 18, 2013 (Wed)
Broadcast time: 7:00 - 7:30pm

Programme Sequence:

CityU (基因轉殖魚技術)
PolyU (光纖光柵鐵路監測系統)
CUHK (無創性唐氏綜合症產前診斷)
HKU (支援讀寫障礙學童) 
(i.e. Support for Students with Reading and Writing Difficulties)
HKIEd (中小學粵劇教學協作計劃)
HKBU (雷生春中醫文化節)
LU (長者學苑在嶺南)

According to the UGC, this programme is positioned to be an introductory episode that provides the public with a layman understanding of KT/KE, and they hope that the public will have a better idea and appreciation of institutions' KT/KE efforts all along through this documentary. 

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