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Next Generation Anti-Inflammatory Drug


Prof LAU Sik Yin, Allan, Dr YANG Lai Hung
Department of Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine

US Patent No. 8,633,332 granted on January 21, 2014

EP Patent No. 2445, 859 granted on September 24, 2014

ShengMa (Cimicifuga) is a traditional Chinese medicine which has been used for centuries to treat inflammation and some pyretic illnesses. The extract of Cimicifuga has been widely studied for its anti-viral properties and its inhibition of histidine, bradykinin, and cyclooxygenease-2 (COX-2) mediated inflammatory responses. The active constituents of Cimicifuga, including cycloartenol-type triterpenoids, cimicifugoside, and some cinnamic acid derivatives, can be found in significant quantities in the roots and rhizomes of Cimicifuga after extraction with alcohol.

One of the active ingredients is cimiracemate A (Cim A), has now been isolated from Shengma and shown to have potent effects to inhibit tumor necrosis factor-α (TNF-α) activity. TNF-α is involved in the progression of various chronic diseases including rheumatoid arthritis and tumorigenesis (tumor growth and cell proliferation). Consequently, Cim A is effective for treating inflammation and also modulating immune responses by inhibiting TNF-α production.

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