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Interdisciplinary Quick Talks: Open Data Open Possibilities

Date & Time:

February 15, 2019 (Fri) | 5:00 – 6:45 p.m.


Rayson Huang Theatre, HKU

Interdisciplinary Quick Talks is an HKU Knowledge Exchange (KE) series to promote interdisciplinarity and to share evidence-based knowledge on challenging issues from multiple perspectives with the community.

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Interdisciplinary Quick Talks: Open Data Open Possibilities

Open data is machine readable, downloadable and reusable data that can be freely used, modified, and shared by anyone for any purpose. It enables any businesses and individuals to conduct fact-based analysis on existing/potential societal problems or markets and find innovative solutions to bring about social, environmental and economic benefits. Open government data, one of the most important forms of open data, is increasingly recognised by governments worldwide as a key enabler that fuels start-ups and informs decision making for policy change. The Policy Address 2018 confirmed the HKSAR Government’s policy on opening up government data to promote smart city development. The Law Reform Commission is undertaking public consultations on whether and in what form Hong Kong needs government records (archives) and access to information legislation.

Come and join this inaugural HKU Interdisciplinary Quick Talks – our researchers will share with you their views and project outcomes using open data, and discuss new ideas for interdisciplinary research and KE that could be made possible by open data and the relationship between open data and the two possible new laws.


Professor John Bacon-Shone


Dr Tommy Tsan Yuk Lam


Mrs Stacy Belcher Lee





Professor John Bacon-Shone
Social Sciences Research Centre and Knowledge Exchange Office


Dr Tommy Tsan Yuk Lam
School of Public Health


Mrs Stacy Belcher Lee
University Archives

Data Access




Open Access

Data Management


Infectious Disease


Preservation vs Access

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Professor Victor Li


Dr Wilson Lu


Ms Puja Kapai Paryani





Professor Victor Li
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering


Dr Wilson Lu
Department of Real Estate and Construction


Ms Puja Kapai Paryani
Department of Law

Artificial Intelligence


Urban Big Data


Data Transparency

Air Pollution


Smart city



Presentation Video   Presentation Video   Presentation Video

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Opening Up Data: Facilitating Reuse of Public Information while Minimising Negative Consequences
Professor John Bacon-Shone, Social Sciences Research Centre and Knowledge Exchange Office 



AI and Big Data to Advance Well-being and Society
Professor Victor Li, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Disaggregated Data and its Potential for Corrective Justice in an Age of Inequality
Ms Puja Kapai Paryani, Department of Law

"Finding the Needles in a Haystack": Identification of Illegal Dumping of Construction Waste Using Urban Big Data
Dr Wilson Lu, Department of Real Estate and Construction

Open Genomic Data for Studying Infectious Diseases
Dr Tommy Tsan Yuk Lam, School of Public Health

The Archivist and Access: Custodian and Guide, not Gatekeeper
Mrs Stacy Belcher Lee, University Archives



18:45 TEA-N-CHAT
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