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Faculty KE Awards – Faculty of Architecture

2023 | Dr Chao RenDepartment of Architecture, and team member –
Professor Yuguo Li, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Urban Ventilation Assessment and Wind Corridor Plan for Chinese Cities
2022 |

Mr Thomas TSANG, Department of Architecture, and team members –
Professor Giorgio Biancorosso and Dr Deborah Waugh, School of Humanities (Music)
The Soundtecture: Density as Intensity

2021 | --
2020 |

Mr Chun-han John LIN, Department of Architecture
Rethinking the Collective: Renovation Strategies for Strengthening the Tulou Community

2019 | Mr Alain CHIARADIADepartment of Urban Planning and Design, and team members - 
Professor Christopher John WEBSTERFaculty of ArchitectureDr Guibo SUN and Dr Chinmoy SARKAR, Department of Urban Planning and Design
Spatial Design Network Analysis (sDNA) Improving Evidence-based Urban Planning and Design across Discipline Nationally and Worldwide
2018 |

Dr Weisheng LUDepartment of Real Estate and Construction, and team members – 
Professor Guo Quan HUANGDepartment of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering; and Professor Thomas Shiu Tong NGDepartment of Civil Engineering

RFID-Enabled Building Information Modeling (BIM) Platform for Prefabrication Housing Production in Hong Kong
2017 | Professor Rebecca Lai Har CHIU, Department of Urban Planning and Design, and team members –
Professor Bo Sin TANG, Department of Urban Planning and Design; Professor Terry Yat Sang LUM and Dr Ernest Wing Tak CHUIDepartment of Social Work and Social Administration
'Improving Livability in Ageing Hong Kong'
2016 | Mr Thomas TSANG, Department of Architecture
'Cloud of Unknowing: A City with Seven Streets
2015 | Ms Tris KEE and Dr Wah Sang WONG, Department of Architecture
'Architecture Teaching Kit for All Secondary Schools in Hong Kong'
2014 | Dr Cole ROSKAM, Department of Architecture, and team members - 
Professor Lynne Delehanty DISTEFANODr Cecilia Louise CHUDr Eunice Mei Feng SENGMr Hiang Koon WEE, Mr Nicholas KARKLINS and Ms Melissa Cate CHRIST, Department of Architecture; Dr Ho Yin LEE, Department of Real Estate and Construction
'Mapping Modern Architecture in Hong Kong'
2013 | Mr Jason F. CARLOW, Department of Architecture
'ArtAlive@Park 2010 and ArtAlive@Park 2012'
2012 | Mr John Chun-han LIN, Department of Architecture
'Taiping Bridge Renovation Project'
2011 | Professor Weijen WANG, Department of Architecture
'2007-08 Hong Kong-Shenzhen Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism'