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Faculty KE Awards – Faculty of Arts

2023 | Professor Hing Yan ChanSchool of Humanities (Music), and team member – 
Ms Sharon Lu, Cultural Management Office
‘Ink Art and New Music’ Creative Exchange Project of Composing for Mixed Ensemble
2022 |


2021 | Dr Janet Lorraine BORLANDSchool of Modern Languages and Cultures
Lessons from Japan: Empowering Children, Promoting Disaster Preparedness, and Helping Communities Recover
2020 |

Dr Yee Wan KOONSchool of Humanities (Art History)
Faultlines, Gwangju Biennale 2018, Curatorial Project by Yeewan Koon

2019 | --
2018 |

Dr Li CHONG, School of Modern Languages and Cultures
Promoting German in Secondary Schools’

2017 | Professor John Charles SCHENCKINGSchool of Humanities (History)
'The Great Kanto Earthquake and a new understanding of responses to natural disasters'
2016 | Dr Eva Nga Shan NGSchool of Chinese
'Resources for Interpreting'
2015 | Dr Gail Alexandra COOKSchool of Humanities (Philosophy), and team members - 
Ka Yan HO, School of Humanities (Philosophy); Kwan Ki MA, The Kadoorie Institute; Pui Sze LI, School of Biological Sciences
'Take Action! Youth Biodiversity Conservation Leadership Training Scheme'
2014 | Dr Lisa Li Su LIMSchool of English
'LinguisticMinorities.HK and LinguisticMinorities.HK: Connecting with the Communities'
2013 | Dr Olga A. ZAYTS, School of English
'Language and Communication in Genetic Counselling Settings in Hong Kong and South Asia'
2012 |

Dr Peter Anthony CUNICH, School of Humanities (History)
'Witness to War Project'

Dr Chung Mou SI, School of Chinese
'Incorporating Culture Elements into Chinese Language for Schools in the Chinese Communities

(Note: According to the guidelines, no more than one Award will be made by each participating Faculty. Exceptional approval was given by the KE Executive Group for the Award this year to be shared equally between the two nominees, without setting a precedent.)'

2011 | Dr Joe Yen Fong LAU, School of Humanities (Philosophy)
'Critical Thinking Web: Opencourseware on Critical Thinking, Logic and Creativity'