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Faculty KE Awards – Faculty of Engineering

2022 |

Dr Heming CUIDepartment of Computer Science
UTEE: A Secure, Efficient, and Portable Distributed Bigdata Computing System on Heterogeneous Trusted Execution Devices

2021 |

Professor Chun Kong Reynold CHENG, Department of Computer Science 
HINCare: A Heterogeneous Information Network for Elderly-Care Helper Recommendation

2020 |

Dr Shien Ping Tony FENG and team members –
Dr Yu Ting HUANG, Miss Xun WANG, Miss Kaiyu MU, Miss Xinya WU, Mr Chunlin PANG, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Direct Thermal Charging Cell for Waste Heat to Electricity Conversion

2019 |

Dr Wei PANDepartment of Civil Engineering
Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) for Buildings of Higher Quality, Productivity and Sustainability in Hong Kong

2018 |

Professor Tak Wah LAM and team members – 
Professor David Wai Lok CHEUNG and Dr Ruibang LUO, Department of Computer Science
Bioinformatics Algorithms and Next-Generation-Sequencing (NGS) Data Analysis’

2017 | Dr Mingxin HUANG, Department of Mechanical Engineering
'High-strength Lightweight Steels for Low Emission Automobiles'
2016 | Dr Henry Ying Kei LAU and team members – 

 Dr Leith K.Y. CHAN, Ka Yik CHAN, Yaqi DAI and William W.L. TAM, Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

'An Immersive and Interactive Virtual Reality System - the imseCAVE'
2015 | Professor George Guo Quan HUANG and team members – 

Dr Ji FANGDr Ray Y. ZHONG and Dr Zhi LI, Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

'RFID-Enabled Real-Time Ubiquitous Manufacturing Platform'
2014 | Dr Wilton Wai Tung FOK and team members - 
Hoi Hang AU YEUNG, Sze Cheuk CHIANG and Kam Yuen LAW, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
'Knowledge Exchange of e-Learning Technology and Pedagogy in Hong Kong and Overseas'
2013 | Dr Kam Pui CHOW, Department of Computer Science
'Fighting High-Tech Crime in Cyberspace'
2012 | Professor Yuguo LI and team members - 

 Professor Dennis Yiu Cheong LEUNGMr Hong Nam LAM, Dr Hua QIAN, Dr Li LIU and Dr Xiaojian XIE, Department of Mechanical Engineering

'Ventilation for Better Infection Control in Hospitals'
2011 | Professor David Wai Lok CHEUNG and Center for E-Commerce Infrastructure Development (CECID), Department of Computer Science
'ebXML Message Gateway Hermes and B2B Connector'