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Faculty KE Awards - Faculty of Science

2024 |

Professor Francis Chi Chung LingDepartment of Physics
Enhancing the Performance of SiC Power Devices: A Collaboration of Hong Kong Academy and Mainland Industry’ 

2023 |

Professor Xiaoming YuanDepartment of Mathematics
'Impact of Operator Splitting Algorithms in Huawei Cloud's Live Streaming Business'

2022 |

Dr Kwok Fai LAMDepartment of Statistics and Actuarial Science
Statistical Underpinning of A Standardized Home Case Assessment Tool for the Elderly in Hong Kong

2021 |

Professor Hongzhe SUNDepartment of Chemistry, and team members –
Dr Hongyan LI and Dr Runming WANG, Department of Chemistry; and Dr Shuofeng YUANDepartment of Microbiology
Development of Bismuth Drugs for the Treatment of Microbial Infections’ 

2020 |


2019 |

Dr Caroline DINGLE, and team members –
Professor David DUDGEONDr David BAKERDr Timothy BONEBRAKEDr Yik Hei SUNG, Dr Wenda CHENG, Dr Shuang XING, Ms Tracey-Leigh PRIGGE, Mr John Lawrence RICHARDS, Miss Chole Emma Ruth WEBSTER, Ms Astrid Alex ANDERSSON, and Miss Victoria SHENG, School of Biological Sciences
Reduction of Illegal Global Wildlife Trade through Novel Conservation Forensics Research

2018 |


2017 | Dr Chi Hang HAU, School of Biological Sciences, and team members –
Dr Winnie Wai Yi LAWJoyce Wan Chai CHOWRyan Siu Him LEUNGVivian Hoi Shan LEUNGSianna Si In YIU, Kimchi Wing Fung LO and  Shirley Yuen Ling MAK, Faculty of Social Sciences
'Global Forest Observatory: Public Involvement and Training in Scientific Research in Hong Kong'
2016 | Professor Chi Ming CHE, Department of Chemistry
'High Performance Phosphorescent Platinum(II) Emitters for OLED Application'
2015 | Dr Petra BACHDepartment of Earth Sciences
'Design and Establishment of the Stephen Hui Geological Museum'
2014 | Dr Benny C. H. NG, Faculty of Science, and team members - 
Dr William M. Y. CHEUNG, Dr Chi-Wang CHAN and Dr Rachel K. W. LUI, Faculty of Science; Dr Jessica Shuk Ching LEUNGFaculty of Education
'Science and Art Crossover Project - Visualizing Science via Creative Lens & Interactive Art'
2013 | Dr Jason Chun Shing PUNDepartment of Physics
'Dimming the "Bright Pearl" - Informing the Public on Light Pollution'
2012 |

The Junior Science Institute Teaching Team, Faculty of Science -
Professor Lung Sang CHAN, Dr H C CHIU and Dr Zhonghui LIU, Department of Earth Sciences; Professor Wai Kin CHANDr Angela Pui-ling TONG and Dr Ella Lai Ming WONG, Department of Chemistry; Professor Wing Sum CHEUNGProfessor Wai Ki CHINGProfessor Kai Man TSANGProfessor Wenan ZANG, Dr Kit Hung CHAN, Dr Yat Ming CHANDr Guangyue HANDr Yuk Kam LAUDr Tuen Wai NGDr Nam Kiu TSINGDr Chi Wing WONG and Dr Siu Pang YUNGDepartment of MathematicsProfessor Aleksandra DJURISIC, Department of Physics; Dr Kwok Fai LAM, Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science; Sze Leung CHEUNG, Faculty of Science; Dr Chi Hang HAU and Dr Clive Sze Chung LO, School of Biological Sciences; Dr Samatha Jane BEVAN, Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine
'HKU Junior Science Institute'

2011 | --