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Faculty KE Awards – Faculty of Social Sciences

2023 |

Professor Wai Fung Lam and team members –
Dr Winnie Wai Yi Law, Ms Katie Hiu Lai Chick, Mr Ryan Siu Him Leung, Ms Sianna Si In Yiu, Ms Vivian Hoi Shan Leung, Dr Taihua Hu, Ms Iris Pui Yee Man, Mr Leo Ying Yin Li, Ms Yiying Zhang, Dr Vivian Ho Yee Chu, Dr Jessica Marie Williams and Dr Sarah Sau Tung Liao, Center for Civil Society and Governance; Dr Billy Chi Hang Hau and Professor David Dudgeon, School of Biological Sciences; Professor Ji Chen, Department of Civil Engineering
'Enhancing civil society’s capacity and readiness for sustainability attainment: Rural revitalisation'

2022 |

Professor Paul YIPThe Hong Kong Jockey Club Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention and team members –
Professor Rainbow Ho, Centre on Behaviour Health; Professor Samson Tse, Centre of Development and Resources for Students; Mr Edward Pinkney, Ms Florence Cheung, Dr Iris Chan, The Hong Kong Jockey Club Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention; Dr Michael Tse, Centre for Sports and Exercise

2021 |

Professor Rainbow Tin Hung HODepartment of Social Work and Social Administration, and team members –
Dr Kar Pui Caitlin CHAN, Dr Ted Chun Tat FONG and Dr Ho Yin Adrian WANCentre on Behavioral HealthDr Yu Te HUANG and Dr Pui Yan WONG, Department of Social Work and Social Administration
Improving Holistic Wellness Across the Lifespan in the Community through Expressive Arts: from Research to Practice’ 

2020 |

Dr Kathy WONGDepartment of PsychologyDr Paul Wai Ching WONG, Department of Social Work and Social Administration, and team members – 
Dr Sonia Man Kuen CHAN, Mr Wan Hap LUI, Ms Elsa Lai Yi CHIU, Ms Sin Ting HO, Miss Chui Ying LEUNG, Ms Lourdes Mei Oi LAM, Miss Tsz Wing LEE, Miss Conita Chi Ping CHENG, Dr Man Yan TSE, Ms Yu Wan CHAN, Miss Ning LEE, Miss Sin Kwan MAK, Miss Mei Ling LO, Miss Sin Yi HO, Miss Karen Kin Ching WU, Department of Psychology; and Dr Janet Siu Ping LAU, Miss Kylie Chiu Yee LUI, Mr Mong Yin LAU, Ms Carmen Ka Mun WONG, Ms Yan Yin LAM, Mr Wing Yip LAI, Miss Gigi Pui Chi LAU, Mr Chun Ming TSUI, Mr Wai Kei LEUNG, Faculty of Social Sciences 
JC A-Connect: Jockey Club Autism Support Network

2019 |

Professor Karen LAIDLERDepartment of Sociology
Influencing Drug Policies and Well-being of Drug Users in Hong Kong and East and Southeast Asia

2018 |

Professor Ngai PUN, Department of Sociology
Changing the Practices of iSlave Producers and the Working Condition of Student-labourers in Apple Supplier Factories in China

2017 | Dr Qijin CHENG and team members –
Professor Paul Siu Fai YIP, Esther Sze Tsai LEE and Christine Tsz Long YEUNG, The Hong Kong Jockey Club Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention
'Changing Suicide News Reporting in Hong Kong'
2016 | Professor Shui Fong LAM, Department of Psychology
'Evaluation of a Pioneering Service Delivery Model for Preschoolers with Special Educational Needs'
2015 | Dr Travis Shiu Ki KONG, Department of Sociology
'The Unforgettable and the Unspoken: Oral History of Older Gay Men in Hong Kong'
2014 | Professor Terry Yat Sang LUM and team members - 
Dr Vivian Weiqun LOU and Dr Ernest Wing Tak CHUI, Department of Social Work and Social Administration
'Promoting Ageing-in-Place for Elderly Tenant in Rental Housing Estates of Hong Kong Housing Society'
2013 | Dr Uwe STEINHOFFDepartment of Politics and Public Administration
'On the Ethics of Violence: War, Terrorism, and Torture'
2012 | Professor Paul Siu Fai YIP, The Hong Kong Jockey Club Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention
'Population-based Suicide Prevention Programme in the Community'
2011 | Professor Connie Suk Han HO, Department of Psychology
'READ & WRITE: A Jockey Club Learning Support Network'