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Interdisciplinary Quick Talks: Health and the City

Date & Time:

February 19, 2020 (Wed) | 5:30 – 7:00 p.m.


Rayson Huang Theatre, HKU

Interdisciplinary Quick Talks is an HKU Knowledge Exchange (KE) series to promote interdisciplinarity and to share evidence-based knowledge on challenging issues from multiple perspectives with the community.

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Interdisciplinary Quick Talks: Health and the City

While Hong Kong boasts the highest life expectancies in the world, this bustling city faces crucial public health challenges such as an ageing population, many forms of pollution, geographical constraints, and climate change.

Health is one of the cornerstones of a thriving city. It is more than provision of hospitals and fighting epidemic. Promoting healthy living is a common thread of various aspects of public policy such as housing, town planning, and environmental protection. Advancing public health is therefore inextricably linked to interdisciplinary studies involving complex cross-cutting issues.

The upcoming Interdisciplinary Quick Talks will be a platform for experts, policy makers, practitioners and partners from different sectors and disciplines to share their views on health and the city. Our researchers will share their studies on advancing health from different perspectives. There will be an exchange of ideas on interdisciplinary research at the cut-across dialogue.

Health involves everyone in the city. Please join the Quick Talks and share your views with us.


Professor Rebecca Chiu


Professor Chun Hung







Professor Rebecca Chiu
Department of Urban Planning and Design


Professor Chun Hung Chu
Faculty of Dentistry



Alzheimer’s Disease


Preschool Children



High-rise Housing Estates


Tooth Decay




Dr Daniel Fong


Dr Keumseok Peter Koh


Dr Jason Pun





Dr Daniel Fong
School of Nursing


Dr Keumseok Peter Koh
Department of Physics


Dr Jason Pun
Department of Physics

Environmental Noise


Food Environment


Light Pollution



Chronic Diseases


External Lighting

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Professor John Bacon-Shone, Knowledge Exchange Office



An Outreach Service to Manage Tooth Decay of Kindergarten Children
Professor Chun Hung Chu, Faculty of Dentistry

Alzheimer’s Disease and Neigbourhood Environment: the opportunities and constraints of compact Hong Kong
Professor Rebecca Chiu, Department of Urban Planning & Design

Food Environment and Health in East Asian Cities
Dr Keumseok Peter Koh, Department of Geography

Influences of Noise on Health
Dr Daniel Fong, School of Nursing

When there is more light than meets the eyes: Light Pollution and your Health
Dr Jason Pun, Department of Physics

19:00 TEA-N-CHAT


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