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Faculty KE Awards – Faculty of Dentistry

2023 |

Professor Richard Yuxiong SuFaculty of Dentistry
Revolutionizing Jaw Reconstruction through Computer-Assisted Surgery: Delivering Excellence with Patient-Specific Solutions

2022 |

Dr Amy Wai Yee WONG and team members – 
Professor Chun Hung Chu, Dr Duangporn Duangthip, Dr Conson Yeung, Dr Iris Xiaoxue Yin, Dr Ollie Yiru Yu, Dr Walter Yu Han Lam and Dr Katherine Chiu Man Leung, Faculty of Dentistry
Promoting Oral Health of Non-institutionalised Older Adults with A Non-governmental Organisation in Hong Kong

2021 |

Dr Duangporn DUANGTHIP and team members – 
Professor Chun Hung CHUProfessor Edward Chin Man LOProfessor Cynthia Kar Yung YIUDr Shiqian GAODr Conson YEUNGDr Zhan Yan FONGDr Meng JIANGDr Chia-Chia Monica SUNGDr Mabel Hui Min TANDr Gehui Iliana YAN and Dr Xiaoxue YIN, Faculty of Dentistry
Promoting Child Oral Health and Managing Tooth Decay in Preschool Children

2020 |

Dr Prasanna NEELAKANTAN and team members – 
Professor Chun Hung CHU and Dr Mike Yiu Yan LEUNG, Faculty of Dentistry
Empowering Non-governmental Organizations to Improve the Oral Health Status of Non-Ethnic Chinese (Ethnic Minorities and Migrant Workers) in Hong Kong

2019 |

Dr Walter Yu Hang LAM and team members –
Professor Chun Hung CHU, Dr Mike Yiu Yan LEUNG, Dr Dominic King Lun HO, Dr Duangporn DUANGTHIP, Dr Sherry S. GAO and Ms Kitty J. Y. CHEN, Faculty of Dentistry
Smiley Action Day: Empowering Non-profit Organisation & Engaging Community to Enhance Oral Health with the Utilization of Mobile Dental Services

2018 |

Professor Edward Chin Man LO and team members – 
Professor Chun Hung CHU and Dr Duangporn DUANGTHIP, Faculty of Dentistry
Managing Tooth Decay in Preschool Children through Community Engagement, Prevention and Caries Arrest Treatment with Silver Diamine Fluoride

2017 | Dr Katherine Chiu Man LEUNG and team members –
Professor Chun Hung CHU, Professor Edward Chin Man LO, Dr King Lun HO and Dr Duangporn DUANGTHIP, Faculty of Dentistry
'Empowering a Non-governmental Non-profit Organisation to Deliver Oral Home Care and Promote Awareness of Dementia in Elderly Care Centers'
2016 | Dr King Lun HO and team members –

Professor Chun Hung CHU, Dr Mike Yiu Yan LEUNG and Dr Duangporn DUANGTHIP, Faculty of Dentistry

'Empowering a Non-governmental Non-profit Organization to Deliver Primary Oral Care to Hong Kong Citizens'
2015 | Dr Hai Ming WONG and team members –

Dr Jayakumar JAYARAMAN, Ka Yan CHEUNG, Pui Ying Phoebe LAM, Kit LEE, Dr Lingwei LI, Dr Tao PEI, Dr Ling SUN, Dr Yifeng WEN and Ka Fai WONG, Faculty of Dentistry

'Dental Development: An Aid to Give Identities and to Inform General Health'
2014 | Dr Xiaoli GAO and team members - 
Professor Edward Chin Man LO and Professor Colman Patrick Joseph MCGRATH, Faculty of Dentistry
'Oral Health Promotion among Indonesian Domestic Workers and Their Employers' Families'
2013 | Dr Yanqi YANG and team members - 

Professor Chun Hung CHU, Janet CHAN, Tiffany Chi Lok CHAN, Kenneth Ka Chun CHOW, Pui Chung LEE, Tsz Yan LI, Kwan Ning MA, Stephanie Yuen Ting SO, Kenneth Chi Kin WONG, Yau Sing WONG, Kenneth Kai Hay YUNG and Chao ZHONG, Faculty of Dentistry

'Improving Children's Oral Health and Development by Terminating Poor Oral Habits and Promoting Healthy Ones'
2012 | Professor Edward Chin Man LO  and team members - 

Professor Lijian JINProfessor Lakshman Perera SAMARANAYAKE, Dr Xiaoli GAO and Dr C J SENEVIRATNE, Faculty of Dentistry; Dr Susan Margaret BRIDGESFaculty of Education

'Enhancing Student Learning of Biological Sciences through Capacity Building of Secondary School Science Teachers'
2011 | Professor Chun Hung CHU and team members - 

Professor Edward Chin Man LO, Dr Xiaoli GAO, Alex Man Him CHAU, Marcus Ho Tak FUNG, Emily Ming JIANG and Ivy Di WU, Faculty of Dentistry

'Promoting Oral Health of Hong Kong Preschool Children through Educating their Parents and Kindergarten Teachers'