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Professor Chuyang Tang from the Department of Civil Engineering wins the HKU Innovator Award

The new HKU Innovator Award is a university-level award established to recognise outstanding faculty members whose innovations demonstrate exceptionally high potential impact (legacy or projected legacy) with transformative results to foster development. Professor Chuyang Tang of the Department of Civil Engineering received the inaugural HKU Innovator Award.

Clean water and air are vital to protect the public health. The research team led by Professor Chuyang Tang spearheads the development of high-efficiency and environmentally sustainable filter materials that remove harmful pollutants from water and air. His team designs novel architectures and functionalities for water and air filters to enable high permeability (thus reduced energy consumption and/or improved comfort level), high removal efficiency (thus better protection for public health), and excellent reusability (thus better sustainability).

Professor Tang received the HKU Innovator Award 2020.

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