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‘Knowledge Exchange on HIV/AIDS to Promote HIV Prevention and Care’

Professor Zhiwei Chen and his team has promoted Treatment as Prevention for HIV since 2009 and made contributions to the strategic plan and HIV manual of the Government of HKSAR. Professor Chen received the University’s Knowledge Exchange Excellence Award 2019 for this project.

During the past decade, Professor Zhiwei Chen’s research project has achieved significant impacts in multiple. In respect of governmental policies and guidelines, the research has contributed to the Government’s strategic plan and HIV manual. On public awareness, the research has provided evidence-based new knowledge on HIV. As regards community education, it has educated thousands of local youths, students and NGOs about HIV and its treatment. The research has also contributed to biomedical industry development. A Hong Kong biomedical company (Immuno Cure Limited) was established based on the scientific discoveries from the research.

Professor Zhiwei Chen and his research team presented the discovery of PD1-based vaccine for HIV-1 immunotherapy, which has led to multiple high impact publications, a patent by HKU, improved HIV awareness, better community education, a biomedical start-up company Immuno Cure in Hong Kong, and the subsequent success of the 2018–2019 TRS grant for the vaccine clinical development.

Professor Chen received the University’s Knowledge Exchange Excellence Award 2019 for this project.

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