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  • 2024年学院知识交流奖



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  • HKU Impact: Social Media Competition 2024

    HKU Impact: Social Media Competition 2024

    We are delighted to announce the winners of the inaugural "HKU Impact: Social Media Competition"! This competition, organized by the Knowledge Exchange Office (KEO), aimed to encourage HKU research students to showcase the importance of their research theses and discoveries to a wider audience. Participants utilized various social media platforms to engage with the community. The champion and 1st runner-up were selected by the adjudicating panel. The winners this year are:

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  • 2023年卓越知识交流奖及香港大学创新者奖


    香港大学於2015-16年度设立了大学层面的「卓越知识交流奖」,表扬为社会带来重要影响的教员。2023年「卓越知识交流奖」由建筑学院任超教授 及其团队–工程学院李玉国教授获得。


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